HR Support for your small Business

We provide outsourced HR support that is tailored to your small business needs. One of the key reasons that many small businesses outsource their HR is due to it being much more cost-effective than hiring an in-house HR professional, along with maintaining your peace of mind.

We work within the following startup industries.



information technology

construction & Manufacturing



business services


How our consulting services help SME's to navigate through complex HR issues

1. Discipline and Grievance Support for SMEs

Innov8 HR are able to provide you with the knowledge, guidance, and support to make these potentially unpleasant scenarios as painless as possible.

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and Grievance Support

2. Absence Management for SMEs

At Innov8 HR we understand that managing absence is crucial to your SME small business success. After all, it affects everything from service, productivity and staff morale. Our consultants carry out an in-depth review to understand the challenges your organisation is facing in relation to absence and make strategic recommendations to resolve them.

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Management Services

3.Change Management for SMEs

Significant changes to an SME or business structure are more than likely to be governed by legislation. At Innov8 HR our consultants assist in navigating these changes with proactive dedicated support.

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Our Outsourced HR service ensures that SME's are meeting all of their legal obligations

1.Our HR Compliance Audit help to anticipate, manage and mitage risk to protect your SME and your people

We help your SME avoid HR headaches and costly financial penalities in the future.

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HR Audit Services

2.Innov8 HR will facilitate the production of all the HR related documentation and policies needed to keep your business running smoothly, legally, and efficiently.

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& Compliance Services
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We have created an employment law checklist that will help you to benchmark your current HR practices. Why not take the first step to ensuring you are legally compliant.

We know how to bring top quality talent FOR SME's at highly competitive prices

Over the years we have helped many small and medium sized businesses to grow by providing them access to top talent.

Our recruitment services enable SME’s to hire grass roots talent from their first Manager up to Director level.


When hiring the right person there is so much to consider; their skills and expeirence, their attitude and personality. Not to mention how much it might cost you to find the right person.