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How does Innov8 HR help you deal with disciplinary matters quickly and effectively?

We work with you to resolve disciplinary matters when they arise quickly and within the remit of the legislation centred around the management of disciplinary hearings.

Innov8 HR can also help you to ensure that you are being proactive when managing your employees. One way of doing this is through the use of an effective bespoke disciplinary policy that is aligned with your organisational values.

A disciplinary procedure provides a clear structure and a formal platform for employers to deal with improper behaviour, conduct or incapability that may arise during the working relationship. It permits you to deal fairly and consistently with any employee who breaches the rules.

What is a grievance? How does it affect your business and how does Innov8 HR help?

A grievance is a formal complaint that is raised by an employee within the workplace. If the correct procedures are not followed when disputes or complaints are raised, it can put your business at risk. Complaints could eventually end up at an Employment Tribunal, costing you lots of time and money, not to mention the stress it can bring to everyone involved.

Innov8 HR is highly experienced when dealing with grievances, we build mechanisms through which these issues can be resolved before they reach a formal grievance.

Our qualified experts provide an independent, unbiased viewpoint when it comes to resolving any issues raised. When dealing with grievances, our experts can manage these issues on your behalf ensuring your time is freed up to focus on your business, alternatively we can be on hand to guide you through any issues raised.

Why is attendence management important to your business? How can Innov8 HR help?

Employee absence is a significant cost for many organisations, yet our research suggests that only a minority of employers monitor that cost. Its inevitable that employees may need time off for a variety of reasons, from short-term sickness to longer-term health issues. Having an effective absence management framework in place should support the health needs of employees while providing clear and consistent guidance to ensuring unnecessary absence is avoided.

We can support you with developing and implementing a framework that focuses on your obligations in relation to attendance management by providing advice and guidance. This means we focus on minimising business risk, litigation and any excessive costs associated with this.

Avoiding disruption in the workplace which can result in lower production and quality output.

Effective performance management is essential to businesses. It helps you to achieve your strategic objectives by aligning your employees, resources and systems.

Our result driven policies will help you get the best out of your people no matter what your business situation is. We transform the way you manage performance by providing innovative solutions that unlock growth for your business.

Our approach is to set out clear expectations and create a roadmap for your whole organisation which will lead to better performance outcomes.

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Employer paid £73,619 because of ineffective grievance procedure

In 2020 an employer was ordered to pay £73,619 due to a sex discrimination claim improperly handled at the grievance stage. Innov8 HR can manage the whole grievance process, by acting as a mediator and facilitating meaningful outcomes we can help your business to avoid claims at Tribunal.

Workplace conflict cost UK employer on average £1000 per employee per year.

Our experts can support you in minimising and avoiding workplace conflict through their proven conflict resolution skills.

Sickness absence costs a uk employer of a medium size business 5.7 working days per year.

Innov8 can help you to ensure that absences are monitored and managed so that your workforce are in work and performing.

1 in 4 UK employers believe long Covid is now one of the main causes of long-term sickness absence within their organisation.

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